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How To Prepare In 4 Weeks Using 2 Books
  • Save time because you will learn only 500+ important questions from 31 topics. This book is based on analysis of past 3 year questions in competitive exams.
  • Understand easily using step-by-step solutions by 5+ year experienced trainers for 500+ (examples + practice) questions.
  • Practice quickly using short exercises after each topic. Check answers and improve your weak areas using key and detailed solutions.
  • Solve problems fast using shortcut formulas present throughout the book
  • For quick reference, you will get a handbook along with main book. This handbook contains 190 formulas and 25 techniques/shortcuts.

31 Topics covered in this book are:

1. Numbers, 2. Average, 3. HCF & LCM, 4. Age, 5. Percentage, 6. Simple Interest, 7. Compound Interest, 8. Calender & Clock, 9. Permutation & Combination, 10. Probability, 11. Time & Distances, 12. Train problems, 13. Profit & Loss, 14. Time & Work, 15. Pipes & Cisterns, 16. Ratio & Proportion, 17. Races & Games, 18. Mixture & Alligation, 19. Boats & Streams, 20. Partnership, 21. Stocks & Shares, 22. Simplification, 23. Fractions, 24. Number Series, 25. True Discount, 26. Square & Cube root, 27. Mensuration, 28. Surds & Indices, 29. Height & Distances(Trigonometry), 30. Data Sufficiency and 31. Data Interpretation.

About the author
Kamalakannan along with a team of experienced trainers has written this book. He is a co-founder of BankingCareers.in and an alumnus of MIT, Anna University. Earlier, he worked in a leading IT firm. Now for the past 10+ years, he has been helping candidates preparing for competitive exams. He has contributed to several books and educational websites.

About 7 years experienced publisher
We MirchiExperts (from MirchiBazaar.com) are a team of experienced staff and trainers. Bankingcareers.in is our group portal. In 7 years, over 2.62 lakh candidates have used our books.

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